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Network Source
  • Introduction
The campus network provides network services for faculty, students and external visitors. Service area covers all college buildings, administrative areas and student dormitories in the university.
  • Infrastructure

The campus network linking with TANet and TWAREN provides the highest quality and fastest networking ability for academic research. Together with campus wireless network, a convenient Internet access is also provided for iTaiwan and TANetRoaming off-campus visitors.

The campus network backbone is centered on the Office of Information Technology, and the network bandwidth between each college building, administrative area, student dormitory area, wireless network system and academic systems has been increased to 10 Gbps. It provides stable and high-speed network efficiency for faculty and students to connect to world-wide networks, intra email systems, campus academic systems, e-Course systems, and a wide range of computer systems and web sites.

The campus network also setup security devices to block external attacks and detect abnormal activity of computers from both inside and outside the campus to maintain network security and protect the rights of all users.

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Student dormitory network website:
  • Itroduction

In order to provide a good network environment with convenience of utilizing the Internet, a wide range of wireless networking devices are installed in the Common Classroom, Administration Building, Activity Center, Auditorium, Bauhinia Avenue, Library, office of Information Technology to facilitate the use of classes, conferences and events.

Wireless networks are gradually evolving toward public wireless areas, and communication protocols for various wireless local area networks are booming, thus universities have to follow the trend too. Sometimes when faculty and students visit other universities for research and conference, they have trouble using the local area network to connect to Internet. Therefore, it is necessary to build a wireless local area network to provide a roaming network to facilitate inter-networking.

  • Instructions:
CCU faculty
1.Select SSID: iCCU or CCU
2.Log in as Registered Users

User Name: Enter your email account. Please note the tailing words is not necessary.
Password: Enter the password you have set.
Press Login.

CCU students
1.Select SSID: CCU
2.Log in as Registered Users

User Name: Enter your email account. Please note the tailing words is not necessary.
Password: Enter the password you have set.
Press Login.

Visitors with Campus Roaming accounts
1.Select SSID: TANETRoaming
2.Log in as Registered Users

User Name: Enter the email address provided by your school, such as
Password: Enter the password you have set.
Press Login.

Other guests
1. Apply for the iTaiwan account and password at
Select SSID: iTaiwan
3. Log in as Registered Users

Phone Number: Enter the mobile phone number you applied at iTaiwan.
Password: Please enter the password you have set.
Press Login.

  • Introduction
The student Dormitory network provides network services for students, covering 5 graduate dormitories and 5 bachelor dormitories.
  • System status

The student dormitory network uplinks to the campus network core switch with 10Gbps interface, and connects the dormitory buildings with 10Gbps interface. Each registered accommodation student has its own dedicated network socket and setting, providing them with high-quality and fast connection to the Internet and CCU computer systems. Wireless network services in public areas of the dormitory is also provided.

The dormitory network service is maintained by Campus Network Association (CNA) which is operated by students. Each dormitory is assigned a network administrator to monitor devices. They works in shifts every day, except holidays, to help to handle network problems quickly. There is also an online problem reporting system to take user’s questions anytime. Students who are interested in network administration are welcome to join CNA!

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  • Introduction
The e-mail service is setup for faculty and students to easily communicate with each other through Internet. Each person is limited to one account. Students do not need to apply. The accounts are automatically setup for freshmen every year. At the first time use, it requires using the account with a general naming rule and designated password to log in. And the email accounts will be closed when students graduate/leave school, or projects end.
  • • Target of Service
Faculty and students

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WebMail Homepage:

  • Contact
Tel: (05) 2720411 Turn 14150 Information Desk.

  • Student general account and naming rules
(1) Email account naming rules
Encode the first digit of student’s ID No.
And keep the rest digits the same.
For example, a person with student ID 406530001 will have an email account u06530001.

(2) Password naming rules
Characters ‘edu’ + the last 5 digits of personal ID No.
For example, a person with ID A123456789 will have password: edu56789

  • Email change password method
Please change your password regularly: To prevent account theft, the password setting principle is as follows.
(1) Don't use exactly the same string as account. Don't name it as an English word.
(2) Mix it with alphabets, numbers and special symbols (such as: !, @, #). And the minimum length is 8 characters.
(3) How to change password? Please log in to the website:, click [Settings], and then click [Change password] to fill those fields.
  • Target of Service
Faculty and students.

  • System status
  • Service introduction

    Due to various factors such as authorization restrictions and information security considerations, the network resources provided in campus often have restrictions on the IP address. In order to facilitate the use of in-campus network resources while faculty and students are outside the school, we apply for the "SSL-VPN Service" to the National High Speed Network Center. In conjunction with the certification system built by the school, the off-campus faculty and students can establish a virtual private network channel via the SSL VPN server, and securely connect back to the campus network to use out library resources.

    >>Get started

  • When to use

    1. Connect back to the school to obtain library resources, such as electronic journals, databases, e-books, etc. There are lots of e-resources in the library. To use them, you need to either get connected in the school, or connect through the library's proxy server when outside the school. With the SSL-VPN service, as long as the SSL VPN connection is established, you can directly access to the electronic database service without requiring additional proxy server.
    2. Access to campus authorization software is not provided.
    3. Access to electronic document system is not provided.
    4. Access to campus automation system is not provided.

  • • How to use

    1. You must be the faculty or student of our school
    2. Connect to URL:
    3. Login with the email account and password of the school. If you don’t have an account, please apply it to the Office of Information Technology. If you just change the password, please log in with the new password after 1 hour.
    4. You’ll be logged out while being idle for more than 30 minutes.
    5. The connection time limit is 6 hours.

  • Service window
    Information Research and Development Group Yu Yongru (ext. 14301, )

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  • Remarks
For electronic document system VPN application, please contact Mr. Lin Yuanqi (ext. 14501, )
Go to the electronic document system VPN
  • Target Audience
CCU alumni, current students and faculty.
  • System Status
To provide our alumni, current students and faculty an excellent online collaboration environment, we adopt G Suite service. Once you apply an account on our system, you will have an unlimited cyber space for emailbox and network resources.Before application, please read carefully and agree on the following policies and intellectual property. The account privilege will be suspended if any infringement or rule violation is found.

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CCU Alumni e-mail Application System:
Opening Hours
09:00 - 17:00
※星期六、星期日、國定假日、校定假期、選舉日 不對外開放。
※ Closed on Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, school holidays, and election days
Commonly Used Systems
  • Web Mail
  • For Newbie
  • Softwares (Campus only)
  • G Suit for CCU